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Bus Accident Update: Driver Had 11 Prior Suspensions

The lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy continue to provide updates on the harrowing bus accident yesterday involving two tour buses in the Times Square section of New York City. Now it is being reported that the driver of the double decker tour bus that slammed into another bus was allegedly high on drugs and had had his driver’s license and vehicle registration suspended a combined 20 times.

William Dalambart has been a troubled driver for more than 20 years, dating back to 1993. His track record includes 11 suspensions, including one from last November. Nevertheless, this was a person that Gray Line Bus thought was an appropriate candidate to hire as a driver of a passenger tour bus.

Gray Line Bus may have a great deal of explaining to do. They are required under Federal Laws to conduct a background check, which includes an evaluation of the driver’s history. A thorough investigation will certainly reveal whether they complied with the law and whether their decisions were reasonable.

Put it this way: Would you want to be the person that decided to hire Dalambart? Would you like to be the who cleared him? It says in the Post story that the company was unaware of the atrocious driving record of Dalambart. If true, shame on them.

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