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Truck Accident Highlights How New Technology Can Make Roads Safer

The New York Truck Accident Lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy are on top of the latest in safety advances on our roads. This week, a frightening truck accident on the Northern State Parkway highlighted the benefits of some innovations that appears to be right around the corner. Read on to find out the accident and how our roads may soon become safer . . .

A tractor trailer was obliterated after it ran smack into an overpass at a high speed. The dangerous collision took place on Long Island’s Northern State Parkway, near the Meadowbrook Parkway. Those familiar with New York roadways must be scratching their heads. Trucks are not permitted on parkways, including the Northern State Parkway because of the low overpasses.

The photo below was taken by a witness who videotaped the truck colliding with the overpass. The footage is gripping. The damage to the truck speaks volumes about how very dangerous operating a truck on a parkway can be. We are happy to report that the driver of the truck, while understandably shaken up, was not hurt and the structural stability of the overpass appears intact.

New York appears poised to implement innovative steps to make our roads even safer. The new strategies relate directly to trucks unlawfully operating on parkways. They include placing markings on the pavement and other signs at entrance ramps to warn motorists about bringing trucks on parkways. Also, infrared technology is close to being put in place that will precisely determine the height of a truck at certain entrances to the Northern State. If the truck exceeds permissible heights then the technology will attempt to alert the driver of the truck as well as authorities that there is a truck on the parkway that is a dangerous height. These developments will only make our roads safer and allow people more comfort when driving on a parkway.

An oversized truck on a New York parkway is not only a problem for truckers. If a truck strikes an overpass, pedestrians on the overpass and other motorists and passengers are at risk. When something like this happens, the results are often catastrophic. Also, whatever the truck us hauling may come loose and spill out on to the road or strike other vehicles. This may not happen often but one time is too many. Thankfully, this time can serve as a learning experience without any serious injuries taking place.

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Source: SEE IT: Truck collides into low overpass on Long Island’s Meadowbrook State Parkway


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