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Pregnant Min Lin, 36, Killed in Brooklyn by Snow Plow

The New York City attorneys Block O’Toole & Murphy continue to follow the tragic snow plow accident that took the life of pregnant 36 year-old mother Min Lin.

Additional details have emerged about the tragedy that unfolded yesterday at the Fei Long Market on Brooklyn’s Eighth Avenue, near 63rd street. Min Lin, a 36 year-old pregnant, married, mother of one was with her husband, Jin Feng Lin, outside one of Brooklyn’s largest Chinese Supermarkets, loading just purchased groceries into their car. It was about 10:45am. The owner of the supermarket, a man by the name of Wu Wu, was operating a bobcat plow, trying to clear the snow in the area near his business. He was plowing snow, directing it all into an open parking space. The parking space was close by to where the Lins were unloading their groceries. While it was not clear how fast Wu, 42, was driving the bobcat at the time, several witnesses have reported that he operated it in a reckless manner and often at unsafe speeds in the past. Wu backed into the expectant mother as she was stepping back, right in front of her husband. Apparently the couple had no warning that tragedy was about to unfold, giving them no opportunity to react. Min Lin’s body wilted as the bobcat rolled into her; her husband, helpless, was unable to do anything but watch. Witnesses knew right away that this was a very serious accident. Ambulances and police officers raced to the scene.

Min Lin was treated briefly at the scene by paramedics and then rushed to Maimonides Hospital. Doctors were unable to save her but did provide some hope because they were able to deliver a baby boy by emergency Caesarean section. A local tabloid ran a headline ‘Horror and Hope’ and it summed up the feeling of many very well . The newborn, 6lbs and 6 ozs, is reported to still be in critical condition. The prognosis for the infant is guarded because he went without oxygen for as long as 17 minutes. Deprivation of oxygen can have significant short term and long term medical effects on a newborn. We remain hopeful that the baby boy is able to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life, lifting the spirits of his father, brother and those that are close with his parents. Our hearts go out to the family, friends and loved ones of Min Lin. They will have a challenging road ahead and will need a great deal of support.

This senseless tragedy could have been avoided. There is absolutely no justification for operating a bobcat, plowing snow, while pedestrians are in the immediate area. It is clearly not safe. It is equally obvious that the operator of the bobcat, supermarket owner Wu Wu, was ill equipped to operate the bobcat safely. The police investigation is ongoing and something we will certainly keep an eye on.

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