Spinal Cord Injuries in Car Accidents

Injury Lawyers Representing Victims of Car Accident Injuries

Approximately 11,000 cases of spinal cord injury occur each year in the United States, and nearly half of them are caused by motor vehicle accidents. A spinal cord injury is a fracturing or dislocating of the vertebrae usually caused by a sudden impact to the spine. Spinal cord injuries include broken backs, spinal fractures, herniated discs, spinal cord compression, paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia and fractured vertebrae.

The spinal cord injury (SCI) lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have the knowledge and experience to handle car accident lawsuits for spinal cord injuries. We know the various types of spinal cord injuries that a car accident can cause, as well as their economic consequences, including treatment, rehabilitation efforts, and long-term care. We can work with your doctor to document evidence and determine a prognosis and diagnosis early on. Additionally, we have the resources to comprehensively investigate the accident scene and can even work with accident reconstructionists, if need be. All of this is to help build the strongest case that we can for your car accident claim. In a case where a 56-year-old man suffered severe nerve damage to his lumbar spine, caused by a car accident, we achieved a $9.25 million verdict.

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While paralysis is an obvious symptom of a spinal cord injury in a car accident, there are other symptoms which are important to note at the time of the crash. Spinal cord injuries can cause the body to completely lose the sensation of pain, or, on the other hand, to experience pain in an injury-FREE part of the body. Numbness in parts of the body is another sign of spinal cord injury. Finally, loss of muscle control may indicate that a car accident resulted in spinal cord damage.

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