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If They Can’t Make The Trains Run On Time…

In NYC, there are serious concerns with the subway system. Not only do the trains often fail to run on time, but the safety of these subway trains is also in question. From derailments, to trains sitting in the heat for nearly an hour at a time, to years of maintenance deferred since the subway was created, there are problems. Much of this has come from planning that was careless at best, and negligent at worst. A better understanding of what is really taking place with the NYC subway system is vital to understanding what steps can and should be taken to improve the system and help victims who have been injured.

The Difference Between Carelessness and Negligence

The maintenance on the NYC subway system is severely lacking, and has been lacking for decades. In the 1970s the real slowdowns began on the system. This made ridership lower, and those who continued to ride the subway struggled. Even with a dip in ridership at first, more people soon began to use the subway simply because it was the easiest way to get around an increasingly busy city. Eventually, overcrowding became a serious problem that could not be overlooked. But still nothing was done to improve the on-time performance of these trains, and the maintenance issues were not addressed.

Negligence Can Lead to Serious Injuries

When there are negligence issues, serious injuries can occur. Severe injuries that cause chronic harm and even deaths are a possibility when large companies or systems are negligent. There have been people injured by the NYC subway system in the past, and since changes have not been made it is likely that injuries will also happen in the future. That is important to consider, because a problem can develop from carelessness but when that problem is not fixed it can move into the realm of being negligent.

The Real Issues At Stake

The real issue to be considered is whether the operators of the NYC subway system are or were negligent in the slowdowns, derailments, lack of maintenance, and scheduling issues. Being careless and making mistakes are not necessarily legal issues, but negligence certainly is. If the NYC subway is not being kept up correctly and handled properly, and that leads to people being harmed, that is something that has to be carefully investigated so the issues surrounding it can be addressed.

Proper Legal Representation is Important

At Block O’Toole & Murphy, we understand that injuries can be serious, and that negligence is a real problem that can and should be dealt with. If you or a loved one have been injured on or by the NYC subway system, proper legal representation is going to be very important. You will want to make sure you have an attorney who understands negligence and can work with you to provide the best possible outcome for your case. We are here and ready to help you move forward, so you can settle your NYC subway system case with a fair and just decision.