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Would You Pass A "Textalyzer" Test?

Texting and driving is no longer simply frowned upon. As a society, we are recognizing that the dangers of texting behind the wheel are on par with driving while intoxicated, threatening the lives of far too many innocent people every year in New York City and throughout the nation.

State lawmakers are now proposing a law that would result in the scanning of cellphones after accidents to determine whether the driver was texting in the moments before the crash.

This would be a more aggressive means to obtaining cell phone records, a process that currently takes months after an accident. Today, prosecutors must subpoena wireless companies in order to access the records, slowing down the process for holding distracted drivers accountable.

At Block O'Toole & Murphy, we have some advice for you. Put down your phone, even if this bill never becomes law. The threat of being "textalyzed" shouldn't be the motivation you need to do the right thing. Put your phone down and pay attention in order to prevent injuries and save lives.

After all, you would want the drivers you share the road with to do the same for you.