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Trucking industry anticipates decision on ELD proposal by end of the year

Trucking safety regulations, like any area of law, do change from time to time, and not all changes are heartily welcomed by the industry. For example, a proposed requirement that all commercial vehicles would be fitted with electronic logging devices has a portion of the trucking industry–particularly smaller trucking companies–concerned.

The proposal relates to the mandate that all commercial vehicle drivers record their compliance with the federal hours of service rules. As of now, truckers are only required to use paper recording systems, though some outfits have installed electronic logging devices for the sake of convenience. The mandate would require the devices because of the ease with which they would allow employers and regulators to ensure regulatory compliance. 

One of the dangers with paper logging systems is that it is too easy for truck drivers to tamper with the records to make it look like they are in compliance with the hours of service rules. Electronic devices wouldn’t necessarily make it impossible to tamper with the records, but they would make it more difficult to do so. There are other benefits to using electronic devices, but they do cost some money.

As of now, the proposal is the subject of litigation, but the industry is anticipating a decision in the next month or two. We’ll have to wait to see the final result, of course, but it will be interesting to see how the trucking industry adapts if the proposal is upheld.

Trucking safety is a concern for every motorist, because all of us are at risk when truck drivers fail to comply with federal and state safety regulations. Those who are harmed by negligence truckers have the right to seek compensation, and should work with an experienced attorney when doing so.