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Are NY Motorcycle Accidents on the Increase?


There has been a seeming spike in motorcycle accidents in and around New York City in recent months. In September alone, the news media reported at least four accidents.

  • Sept. 26: Rapper Fetty Wap was injured when he collided with a car in Patterson, New Jersey, his hometown.
  • Sept. 12: A female passenger on a motorcycle was killed when the driver lost control of the bike and crashed at the 1100 block of Commerce Avenue in the Bronx.
  • Sept. 11: A man was thrown from his bike and died after he tried to squeeze between parked cars and a delivery can on Parkside Avenue in Brooklyn. It is possible that the motorcyclist was being pursued by police officers, which is against NYPD policy.
  • Sept. 7: A crash on the Belt Parkway in Queens left one man dead. His passenger was hit by a minivan when she landed in the road. The van left the scene.
  • Aug. 17: A Queens man was critically injured on the Meadowbrook State Parkway when he collided with a Scion sedan.
  • July 23: A motorcycle rider was killed in Queens after a crash with a Nissan sedan at Park Lane South and Beverly Road in Richmond.
  • July 11: A 30-year- old female motorcyclist hit a minivan in east New York on Atlantic Avenue. She suffered multiple fractures and a brain hemorrhage, and one leg was amputated.
  • June 27: A 32-year-old Bronx woman died after her motorcycle was clipped from behind by another motorcycle when riding across the Manhattan Bridge.
  • May 4: An off-duty police officer was killed on Rockaway Parkway at Avenue J and Flatlands Avenue when the SUV in front of him made a U-turn, causing him to crash into the passenger side of the vehicle.

In August 2015, the last month the NYPD reported statistics, there were 340 motorcycle accidents.