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Drunk Driving Car Accident

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers are all too frequent, and pedestrians and other drivers injured by drunk drivers need to determine their legal options in the aftermath of an accident. Fortunately, no one was hurt in a recent crash in Yonkers caused by a drunk driver. However, there was extensive property damage caused by the out-of-control driver, according to news reports.

Last week, a female driver slammed into a building at Bronx River Road and McLean Avenue around 1:25 AM. The incident was recorded by a security camera, revealing that the car crashed into the front of the bar and then backed out of the damaged building and sped off. However, the car broke down less than two blocks from the scene of the accident and the driver walked away. According to some witnesses, she appeared to be walking unsteadily.

The woman was driving a late model Nissan. Police continued to look for her.

The bar owner estimated that the damage to the establishment would cost at least $150,000 to repair. He also noted that it was amazing that no one was killed or injured, as there were always people at the end of the bar where the crash occurred. The car slammed into the building very close to a support beam and a gas line, causing the Department of Buildings to evacuate the four apartments upstairs.

In New York, causing property damage in car accidents while driving drunk could be charged as a felony, leaving the driver with a serious criminal record. However, because the woman left the scene of the accident, additional charges may be forthcoming. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to prove that she was driving drunk at the time of the crash, as she left the scene.


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