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Epidemic of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in NYC

Several people have died recently in fatal New York City motorcycle crashes. The most recent took place when a motorcycle with a driver and a passenger tried to pass and SUV making a U-turn. However, the rider hit the back of the SUV, throwing both driver and passenger off the bike. The incident occurred in Astoria, Queens last Saturday around 4:30 PM, according to police.

Whether the 56-year-old driver of the SUV was making an illegal U-turn is not known. She was taken to Elmhurst hospital, where she was initially listed in stable condition. The two victims had grown up together, and the man had recently moved back to New York from Florida, according to family members.

An earlier accident killed a Florida man who was riding his motorcycle on 39th Street near Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside. He hit an SUV, Jeep Liberty, at around 3:40 PM. The driver of the SUV was cited for failing to yield to another vehicle.

Another motorcycle rider died recently when he crashed into a parked truck on Junction Boulevard near 52nd Avenue in Elmhurst.

And these are just the fatal September motorcycle accidents. In August, motorcyclists were killed in accidents in the West Village and SoHo in Manhattan. More died in crashes in upstate New York accidents in Middletown, Oswego and Little Falls.

Cyclists and drivers of other vehicles need to remember that it is often difficult to see motorcyclists without giving more than a cursory look. Motorcycle riders need to remember that they are far more vulnerable to injury and death, even when wearing protective gear.