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Play Ball!

When you hear terms like "construction site" or "construction accident", it is easy to picture a construction scene such as a partially completed building, a crane towering into the city skyline, or a road undergoing resurfacing.

The truth is we encounter construction sites wherever we go, including our neighborhoods, our places of work, and our public spaces.

As Chicago recently found out, even our ballparks can be construction sites that pose dangers for construction workers.

At Chicago's Wrigley Field, a construction worker was injured as a result of falling pipes. According to NBC Sports, the full severity of her injuries is unknown, but includes damage to her face, neck, and back.

For construction workers, it is not all fun and games at the ballpark. Our nation has recently seen a sports-related construction boom, with new stadiums going up and existing stadiums being renovated. Even seemingly small projects like installing a new LED scoreboard can involve the use of cranes and other equipment that has workers operating at great heights.

It is crucial for contractors, construction workers, unions and anyone else involved with these projects to make worker safety the highest priority. That means placing the wellbeing of workers ahead of timelines and profits.

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