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Consumer Alerts

New York Defective Product Lawyers

Consumers have a right to believe the products which they purchase are safe for use. When a product, device or drug contains a defect, either in manufacture, design or labeling, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and other agencies work to warn the public of these faulty and potentially harmful consumer products.

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Legal Issues in Defective Product Claims

Those who were injured due to a defective product, drug, or medical device, may have legal recourse. Most product liability claims filed by injured consumers operate under the theory of strict liability, meaning that they do not have to prove that the manufacturer or seller was negligent. Rather, strict liability claims only require that the injured consumer, with the help of an attorney, prove that the product was defective; the product defect existed before its release into the marketplace; and the defect led to the consumer’s damages, such as medical bills or lost wages. In a New York product liability claim, there are three types of product defects – those which stem manufacturing, design or the company’s failure to warn of a product danger.

New York Product Liability Attorneys

Although manufacturers must ensure their products are safe for public use, or at the very least, contain adequate warnings and instructions, certain types of products, such as children’s toys and prescription drugs, may be more susceptible to product defects, and consequentially can cause serious harm to the user. To help keep you and your loved ones safe, please explore the links below to learn more about the most recent alerts affecting consumers nationwide. Additionally, if you or a loved one was injured due to a defective product, contact our lawyers today for a FREE, no-obligation case review.

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