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A back injury is a relatively general term and can be further explained by carefully examining the anatomy of the back region. The back contains the vertebrae, discs, spinal column and spinal cord. Essentially, the spinal cord controls an individual's ability to feel, walk and breathe. The skeleton which protects the spinal cord is known as the spinal column, or spine. The well-being of the bones in the back is fundamental for the protection of the spinal cord. If the spinal cord becomes damaged, serious complications can result.

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Types of Serious Back Injuries

There are several types of back injuries which can negatively affect an individual's quality of life. One of the most common types of back injuries is a strained lower back muscle. The muscles in the lower back region tend to become injured when an individual moves or lifts an object improperly. A pulled or strained back muscle can cause pain upon standing, sitting or walking.

Herniated discs are another common type of back injury. A disc acts as a buffer between the vertebrae. When a disc is herniated, it loses its capacity to effectively absorb the shock created by movement. Furthermore, some herniated discs will bulge and place pressure on the vertebrae. A herniated disc may also become misaligned and cause the vertebrae to rub together. Symptoms associated with a herniated disc may include the following: stiffness, backaches, weakness, tingling of the extremities, numbness and prickly sensations.

NYC Back Injury Lawyers

Depending on the nature and severity of the back injury, treatment options can range from anti-inflammatory medications to surgical procedures. In many cases, those suffering from herniated discs will be recommended for surgical treatment, such as a decompression procedure. Surgery is often advised after less invasive treatment has been exhausted with little improvement.

At Block O'Toole & Murphy, our New York personal injury attorneys understand that many back injuries require costly surgical procedures and may result in lost wages if the victim cannot return to work for a certain period of time. Consequently, our New York back injury attorneys will work with a group of medical and economic specialists to ensure our clients receive a recovery proportional to the economic burden incurred as a result of their back injuries. For instance, we recovered a $5.5 million personal injury verdict for a client who suffered herniated discs to cover surgery costs and other damages.

Other recoveries we have obtained for our clients include:

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