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New York City’s Deadly Streets


The streets are a tough place to be. When you venture out for the day, there’s a chance you won’t make it back home to your family.

Is it because of dangerous murderers?

How about drug dealers?

Is it because of terrorists?

The truth is that most deaths on our streets are entirely preventable and are the result of motor vehicle accidents.

Despite efforts such as Vision Zero and assurances from our city officials that it’s safer than ever out there for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, we are seeing far too many injuries and deaths on our city’s streets. In fact, a recent study has shown that even crashes involving city vehicles are on the rise.

Recent weeks alone have borne witness to this troubling trend, including incidents such as:

What Can Be Done?

As an individual driver, cyclist or pedestrian, you can only control so much. You can be sure to take safety precautions, make sure your vehicle is well maintained, follow all traffic laws and always be aware of your surroundings.

Our city officials and law enforcement officers can continue to enforce our ordinances and laws, providing a deterrent to unlawful activity and keeping offenders off the road.

As personal injury attorneys, we focus on holding negligent individuals and entities accountable when their carelessness leads to wrecks causing injuries and deaths. We hope that one day our role will not be necessary but, until then, we can be counted on to fight for the rights of the injured in New York City.