Seeking Information Regarding CR 111 and Oceanview Blvd in Manorville and the Tragic Car Accident That Occurred There on Oct. 8th

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

On October 8, 2011, a horrific car accident on County Road 111 in Manorville, New York claimed the lives of a young mother and her seven-year-old son and seriously injured her four- and two-year-old children who were also passengers in the car.

In the wake of this tragic accident, there has been an outpouring of community support for the Trinca family, helping them honor the loved ones they laid to rest and keep constant vigil over four-year-old Marialena, “Freshie,” Trinca as she remained hospitalized and her recovery uncertain. The tragedy has also roused the community to ask why this fatal accident happened and how others like it might be prevented in the future. Organized efforts are being made to improve the safety of roadways in the Manorville area and members of the community have begun sharing their own stories and experiences on the roadway and with the tragic accident. It has become apparent that many area residents have been concerned about this intersection for some time, and some have begun to share ideas about how it can be made safer.

The law firm of Block, O’Toole & Murphy LLP has been retained by the Trinca family, and is currently extending vigilant efforts to gather information and investigate the circumstances of the devastating accident on CR 111. The firm is devoted to helping this broken family and, to that end, the firm is requesting that anyone with information regarding the accident or the intersection on County Road 111 contact the firm to aid in the investigation. Information concerning other accidents that have occurred in this area or prior complaints made about the dangerous nature of the intersection, for example, could be extremely helpful. The firm’s hope is that its efforts will in some measure help the family deal with this tragedy, and improve the safety of the area by highlighting problems that can be remedied.

Firm Partner Stephen J. Murphy, the handling attorney, can be reached via cell phone at (917) 754-7866, at the office at (646) 825-4003 or by email at


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