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Truck accidents claim many lives each and every year

New York City residents understand the dangers inherent in road travel. The sheer volume of people who share the roadways is staggering, and it comes as no surprise that accidents can and will happen. However, it should also be said that when a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she accepts responsibility for the safety of others on the road. That is a heavy burden, as car and truck accidents seriously injure or claim the lives of thousands of people each and every year.

An example is found in a recent crash that left three people hurt and required the services of multiple first responders. The accident took place during rush hour traffic on a Monday evening in the Rosedale section of Queens. A tractor-trailer was near the intersection of Rockaway Boulevard and Brookville Boulevard when a smaller vehicle struck the truck and became wedged underneath.

The force of the impact ripped the smaller vehicle apart, and it was described as unrecognizable. Emergency workers had to cut the car apart to extricate the occupants, and also had to cut into the trailer. Two men were rushed to an area hospital with serious injuries and were listed in critical condition as of the time of this report. Another individual suffered minor injuries, but did not require treatment.

Early reports indicate that the tractor-trailer may have been backing up when the car struck it. As the investigation into the matter continues, police will try to determine if the truck was properly positioned during the time, and if reverse lighting was in place to alert other drivers that the vehicle was moving backwards. As with many truck accidents, it will take time for New York City authorities to determine the cause of this crash, and who was at fault in the incident.

Source: CBS New York, “Several Injured In Accident Involving Tractor Trailer In Queens“, April 17, 2017