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Brooklyn construction death a reminder of risks workers face on the job

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Construction work certainly can be dangerous work, and this was highlighted last week in the death of a construction worker at the site of a hotel in construction was killed last week. The worker, according to reports, was hit in the head by a detached machine part while driving piles for the project.

Investigators are, no doubt, still looking into the accident, the general contractor for the project apparently does not have a clean safety history. Earlier this year, the company was cited for violating safety standards related to “slipping and tripping.” Sources didn’t mention whether there were any other violations, though.

Accidents do happen on construction sites, of course. In some cases, no matter how cautious a company is with respect to safety, injuries can occur. Often, though, such things happen because somebody isn’t doing their job to see to safety regulation compliance. In some cases, construction accidents are caused by individual workers failing to do their job properly. In some cases, everybody is doing their job properly, but there is defective equipment that leads to an accident.

Whatever the circumstances of an accident, it is critical for injured workers to understand their legal options in terms of obtaining compensation, and to secure an experienced advocate in seeking out that compensation. A skilled attorney can help ensure a construction accident victim has the best possible representation and has the best shot at maximizing his or her avenues for compensation. This is particularly important when the employer puts obstacles in the worker’s way to obtaining compensation or threatens retaliation against an employee for exercising his or her rights. 


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