21 Year-Old Killed In Brooklyn Construction Accident

Monday, April 4th, 2016

21 year-old Alex Santizo, a construction worker, fell to his death in a tragic Brooklyn construction accident. The accident occurred in the quiet Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park (pictured below).

How did this fatal construction accident unfold? Santizo was working on the second floor of a 2 family townhouse that was being constructed on 45th St. The roof above him collapsed and sent debris flying everywhere. Collapses at construction sites are dangerous and have grave consequences (For more on construction site collapses, you may want to see this: New York City Lawyers Helping Building Collapse Victims). The experience is terrifying for the unwary worker because there usually is no warning. The debris struck Santizo, a Queens resident, in the head, causing him to fall. He fell two floors, going through an air shaft and ending up in the building’s basement. He lay there alone for an undetermined period of time. He was found there later with blood all over his face.

Santizo was rushed to nearby Maimonides Hospital where doctors and nurses attempted to save his life. They were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved one’s of Mr. Santizo. This is a sad and senseless loss.

An investigation has begun. Already a stop work order has been issued and Department of Buildings personnel are poring through the complaint history of the building 1229 45th St. So far they have uncovered at least one previous violation that was considered “hazardous,” according to reports. Safety code violations can frequently play a pivotal role in whether those responsible for an accident are held accountable (To learn more about the importance of Safety Code violations, review this: New York Safety Code Violation Lawyers).

Investigators will also be looking at several other issues. They will include.

  • Examining the structural stability of the roof.
  • Determining whether the victim was working alone.
  • Whether the debris should have been placed in an exterior dumpster or safeguarded.
  • Whether the victim was provided the appropriate safety equipment.

Mr. Santizo is yet another victim in New York’s ongoing construction safety epidemic. As construction continues to increase at a record clip, we are seeing more and more tragic accidents like this. The parallel between increased work and decreased safety standards is becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

Something has to change.

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