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Toni Jackson Killed On the Job by Faulty Hoist

31 year-old New York City Housing Authority maintenance worker Toni Jackson was killed Saturday March 7, 2015, in Brooklyn, New York.

Jackson was found unconscious next to the trash compactor in the basement of a West 32nd Street building - part of the Coney Island Houses - just after 1:30pm. It is initially believed that she was fatally injured while performing maintenance duties when a faulty hoist fell on her. An investigation into the exact cause is underway as details of the incident are limited.

Jackson, employed as a caretaker and a member of Teamsters Local 237, was rushed to Coney Island Hospital where she died of head trauma that police believe she suffered during the tragic accident.

It is too early in the investigation and many details regarding the accident involving Toni Jackson have yet to be discovered. Her two young children will be left with many unanswered questions about why their mother is no longer here.

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