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New Jersey Construction Accident Kills Worker

A construction worker was killed this afternoon at a New Jersey construction site after being struck by a tape measure that fell 50 stories. The tragedy occurred at a Jersey City construction site. The victim, an unidentified male in his 50s, had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was delivering sheet rock to an apartment building under construction when the one-pound tape measure fell 50 stories and, first, struck a piece of equipment and then crashed down on top of his head. The tape measure had fallen off the belt of a worker who was laboring on top of the building, according to authorities. The victim, reportedly, was not wearing a helmet. He was initially knocked unconscious and was rushed by emergency personnel to Jersey City Medical Center. He was later pronounced dead.

This is obviously a very sad and tragic story. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and everyone who cared for him. This freak accident only serves to further underscore how dangerous a business the construction industry is. Every day somewhere in our country a family receives a call informing them that one of their loved ones was killed at a construction site. It is why worker safety laws are so very important and why we afford those who choose to enter this dangerous profession our utmost respect. Worker safety laws curtail the frequency of fatal accidents and provide the victims and their families with a remedy when they face an unspeakable tragedy.

Efforts at reducing the effectiveness of worker safety laws are primarily driven by wealthy developers and property owners as well as insurance companies seeking to increase their profit margin. We as a society must remain vigilant in prioritizing safety over dollars and cents.

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