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Scaffold Accident Kills 40 Year Old Construction Worker at Dream Hotel

The New York lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy are following a tragic construction accident that took place at Manhattan’s Dream Hotel.

During the afternoon on April 2, a thus far unidentified construction worker fell to his death from scaffolding that was erected at the posh Dream Hotel, located in midtown Manhattan. The fatal fall took place around 2:00pm.

Details of the accident are still emerging and we will provide more information once it becomes available. Currently, officials from the Department of Buildings are on-site beginning the investigation. It is anticipated that OSHA will be there to add their expertise to the process. One of the things they will be scrutinizing is whether this man’s employer and the other contractors at the worksite provided a safe work environment.

Falls are reported by OSHA to be the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. Far too often, construction falls occur because proper fall protection was not provided to workers. Sadly, this tragic loss seems to fit squarely within that category. To be more specific, witnesses at the scene are reporting that the workers were never provided fall protection that would have saved this man’s life. According to Jennifer Harvey, 36, who was present at what had to be an emotional accident scene and witnessed the fall, workers were never provided harnesses which caused her to “worry that they would fall.”

While everyone needs to reserve judgment and allow the facts to come out, It can’t go unnoticed that a man is now dead and his loved ones will be forced to come to terms with this senseless loss. A man went to work and never came home, seemingly because not enough people in a position to do something about it cared about worker safety. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his loved ones.

Worker safety is a hot button issue. Far too many folks take it for granted that well-meaning workers are consistently going to have a safe place to work. Statistics and real life experience prove otherwise. Wealthy developers and property owners frequently expose powerless workers to dangers so a job can be completed in a more expeditious manner. Simply put: profits are prioritized over people. It needs to stop.

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