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OSHA Identifies Four Causes of Construction Worker Fatalities

Construction workers make up 17.5% of the overall work related deaths per year. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the top four causes of worker fatalities with regard to construction-related accidents cause 410 deaths per year. OSHA has determined that the “Fatal Four” accounted for most of the construction worker deaths in 2011. (Statistics for 2012 are not yet available.) The Fatal Four are falls, struck-by (falling) objects, electrocutions and caught-in/between accidents.

Falls were by far the highest cause of fatalities at 35%, or 251 deaths, in 2011, as compared to struck-by objects (10%), electrocutions (9%) and caught-in/between accidents (3%). A construction worker can fall from work devices, among other things, like ladders, scaffolds, unsafe flooring, beams, walls, planks, roofs, lifts and elevators. The key to limiting these statistics and preserving healthy work sites remains awareness, education and a focus on safety being the top priority at every jobsite. Unfortunately there remains a long way to go.

OSHA – – to their credit – – is working towards raising awareness around the industry and enforcing safety standards in an attempt to lower the amount of accidents caused by the Fatal Four and other construction-related accidents.

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