Fatal Construction Accidents

Causes of Wrongful Death

Although state laws regarding workplace safety have been enacted, New York construction workers still face a number of hazards while working on site. Heavy machinery, elevated heights, and falling objects are just a few of the dangers posed to New York construction workers. Construction accidents which result due to these hazards can cause serious injuries, including brain injuries and paralysis. In the most severe cases, death can occur as a result of a fatal New York construction accident.

Did you lose a loved one in a fatal New York construction accident? If so, our New York construction accident attorneys may be able to assist in this difficult time. Fill out our FREE case review form to find out if you can hold a contractor, construction site owner or other entity accountable for your loved one's passing.

Causes of Fatal New York Construction Accidents

Fatal New York construction accidents can occur due to:

  • Defective equipment
  • Unmarked floor or ceiling openings
  • Crane collapses
  • Forklift accidents
  • Lack of proper supervision or training
  • Falling objects

When a worker is killed in a fatal New York construction accident, they may be able to pursue legal recourse depending on the cause of the accident. Contractors, construction site owners and equipment manufacturers are a few of the parties that may be found negligent in causing a fatal construction accident in New York.

New York Wrongful Death Lawyers

Often, when a loved one dies in a New York construction accident, the surviving family may have both a wrongful death and workers' compensation claim. Coordinating these claims to maximize the family's monetary recovery can be complicated. At our firm, however, our New York wrongful death attorneys have experience handling both worker's compensation and wrongful death claims, and have developed a successful track record of results, which includes a $2.25 million recovery for the spouse of a man who died in an elevator erector accident. If you lost a loved one in a New York construction accident, we can determine if a contractor or other party was negligent in causing the accident and coordinate with medical professionals and other specialists to document the damages resulting from your loved one's fatal construction accident. To find out if our New York construction accident attorneys can assist with your case, complete our FREE case evaluation form today.

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