$3,500,000 Settlement For Union Bricklayer in Queens Collision

Plaintiff, a 54 year old male union bricklayer, was the driver of a vehicle that was side-swiped by another vehicle on Merrick Avenue in Queens County, New York. The force of the car collision caused Plaintiff to swerve and collide with a parked vehicle. Plaintiff's vehicle was totaled as a result of the accident.

Plaintiff sustained disc herniations in his neck and back, as well as a tear in his left shoulder. Plaintiff underwent a neck surgery, back surgery and a left shoulder surgery. Plaintiff was unable to return to work. In addition to his claims for his medical costs and pain and suffering, Plaintiff brought a lost wage action.

This case was settled at mediation for $3,500,000

This case was handled by firm partner Daniel P. O'Toole and Robyn Brazzil.