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New York Construction Boom Equals More Union Jobs

There can be no doubt that construction is booming in New York. On Monday, September 23, 2013, Nassau County unanimously approved a $229 Million project to redevelop the Nassau Coliseum and its surrounding property., according to this CBS New York report. This project obviously means a dramatic increase in union construction jobs on Long Island. As Nassau/Suffolk Building Trades Council representative Richard O’Kane noted, “… that’s what this is going to do: jobs, jobs and more jobs.”

The project will involve renovating and constructing a 13,000 seat arena, as well as a massive retail and entertainment complex. Unions and their members are obviously pleased about this new project, which will provide solid and long term employment. It also evidences that construction projects – – large and small – – are thriving inside and outside of New York City.

Speaking of construction work in New York City, another massive ongoing construction project that continues to provide solid union jobs has been in the news. The Second Avenue Subway project in Manhattan is progressing.

According to a recent Gothamist article, the press was allowed underground yesterday to tour portions of the new line, including its future 86th Street station. The project is moving ahead full steam and its first phase is slated for completion in December of 2016. There will then be three more phases before the line is complete, so this project will keep generating valuable union construction jobs for many, many more years to come. Similar to what Long Island Trades Rep Richard O’Kane said about the Coliseum work, this will translate into a massive amount of jobs.

There’s more . . . Of course, everyone is aware that the construction of One World Trade Center – the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere – has been steadily providing thousands of solid union jobs since its inception seven years ago. At the same time, construction is just finishing on One57 at 57th Street in Manhattan, which is the largest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

Leave Manhattan for the outer-boroughs and you see work permits and construction vehicles all over Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Long Island City, Astoria, Corona, Kew Gardens, Van Cortlandt Park, the South Bronx, The Hub and parts of Staten Island. These projects are just the most famous examples of a time that is very exciting for the construction industry in New York.

At the same time as we marvel at these exciting projects and the jobs they create, let’s hope that worker safety continues to be a major focus. As these thriving construction projects prove, there is no reason to compromise on worker safety. Developers and contractors can continue to build and reap profits in New York while still being vigilant about protecting their workers from harm. There is simply no excuse for a lax attitude about the health and lives of the brave men and women who work to build our City and State.

Block O’Toole & Murphy, LLP is a New York personal injury law firm that focuses on representing victims of construction accidents. These experienced trial lawyers understand how devastating a construction injury can be to the worker and his or her family. The firm has fought hard to obtain over $700 Million dollars in verdicts and settlements for its injured clients.

The firm also fights outside of the Courts to insure that the laws in place to protect workers and require proper site safety, such as New York Labor Law Section 240(1), remain in effect and are not compromised.

Block O’Toole & Murphy, LLP can be reached anytime at 212-736-5300 for a free consultation.

Source: CBS New York, “Union Leader: Approval Of New Nassau Coliseum Proposal Means ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’,” Sep. 24, 2013.