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New York Birth Injury Lawyers

According to New York birth injury law, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals owe a duty to both the mother and child before, during and after delivery. When a medical team acts negligently and an injury results, the family may be able to take legal action against the healthcare professional or facility. Generally, in a New York birth injury lawsuit, the family will seek compensation from the negligent person or entity for medical expenses and other losses resulting from their child’s birth injury.

The New York Birth Injury lawyers of Block O’Toole & Murphy recovered a $4,000,000 settlement for an infant injured during delivery. It is the largest known settlement for a brachial plexus injury in the State of New York.

Was your child injured at birth? Find out if you are entitled to financial compensation by completing our FREE case review form, which is offered courtesy of our New York birth injury lawyers. Or contact us at 212-736-5300 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Causes of New York Birth Injuries

While some birth injuries in New York are unavoidable, others result from negligence on part of the doctor, nurse, obstetrician or other medical professional. Commonly, birth injuries occur when the medical team does not react quickly to signs that the child is in fetal distress. Other causes of New York birth injuries can include the following:

  • Improper use of forceps
  • Failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner
  • Failure to properly administer medications
  • Failure to monitor vital signs

When a medical professional fails to provide adequate care to their patient, brain damage, irreversible paralysis and even death may result.

New York Birth Injury Lawyers

If your child was injured at birth, our New York birth injury attorneys may be able to assist with your case. When investigating the cause of your child’s birth injury, we will review hospital polices, medical records and other documents which could help us determine whether the care you and your child received was substandard. If we find that your doctor or hospital was negligent, our New York birth injury lawyers will fight to ensure you and your family receive the compensation you deserve, while compassionately guiding you through the process of a birth injury lawsuit and thoroughly answering any questions which may arise along the way.

Our New York birth injury lawyers demonstrate an unwavering commitment to those who have been needlessly injured and have recovered millions in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. For instance, we obtained $4 million on behalf of a child who sustained a brachial plexus injury during childbirth, and apply the same dedication that was used in this New York birth injury case in handling each of our client’s claims. To have your case reviewed by our birth injury attorneys in New York at no cost to you, complete our FREE case evaluation form today.

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