Product Defects

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Typically, several teams will be involved in the creation of a new product. First, a team comes up with a design, then a building group starts to manufacture the actual product. Finally, a group of marketing professionals will label and promote the product. Should any individual involved in this process make an error, either in the design, manufacture or marketing of the product, they may be held responsible if the defect causes injury to a consumer.

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Common Product Defects

Under New York product liability law, courts divide product defects into three types based on the three major steps in product creation. The three most common product defects involve:

  • Design Defects: A design defect develops in the beginning stages of product creation. It is a fundamental flaw which makes the product unsafe for public use.
  • Manufacturing Defects: A manufacturing defect can occur despite careful design. It develops during the manufacturing process and may only affect one product or small lot of products.
  • Marketing Defects: A marketing defect can refer to a labeling error, failure to warn of a hazard or inadequate instructions.

Each type of product defect has the potential to harm the consumer or user of the product.

New York Product Liability Lawyers

Manufacturers have a legal obligation to create products that are safe for public use and FREE from any defects. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective drug, medical device or product, you may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. To speak to a lawyer about your claim, contact us today for a FREE case evaluation.

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