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$1,680,000 Settlement for Client Injured in Crash Caused by Another Driver Who Ran a Red Light

Our client was driving in Harlem when he came to a red light. The light turned green, and our client was beginning to accelerate when he hit an SUV which ran a red light. As a result of the accident, he sustained multiple herniated discs in his cervical and lumbar spine, as well as a torn labrum in his right shoulder. Represented by Block O’Toole & Murphy, he received a $1.68 million settlement.

Court and County
Supreme, Bronx

Plaintiff Description
Our client was 53 at the time of the incident and has two children.

Description of Case
Our client, a Bronx resident, was driving his car southbound on Park Avenue in Manhattan when he approached a red light at the intersection of Park and East 121st Street. He was the second car stopped at the red light. The light turned green, and our client was driving through the intersection when suddenly an SUV being driven by the Defendant appeared in front of our client’s vehicle. The front of our client’s car collided with the passenger side of the Defendant’s car within the intersection.

We claimed that the Defendant ran a red light and proceeded illegally into the intersection. The Defendant claimed the light was yellow as he entered the intersection, and that he wasn’t sure if the light had turned red prior to impact-however, this was refuted by a statement listed on the police report, in which the Defendant claimed that he mistook a yellow light for a green one.

The Defendant estimated he was going about 30 mph through the intersection. He saw our client’s vehicle coming from his right a few seconds prior to impact, and so he sped up to try and avoid it. He was unsuccessful, however, and our client’s vehicle struck the rear passenger side of the Defendant’s vehicle.

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Our client was taken to the emergency room with complaints of pain to his back and right shoulder. He later developed neck pain as well. After multiple doctor visits and MRI studies, our client was diagnosed with the following injuries:

  • Cervical herniated disc at C2-C5 and C6-T1
  • Lumbar herniated disc at L5/S1
  • Torn labrum in right shoulder
  • Torn meniscus in right knee

After a course of therapy failed to relieve his symptoms, our client underwent 3 surgeries:

  • Laminectomy, facetectomy and foraminotomy surgery at L5/S1
  • Cervical fusion surgery at C4/5
  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair the torn labrum

We claimed damages for pain and suffering and past and future medical expenses. The defense claimed that our client had pre-existing damage to those body parts and questioned the causation and severity of our client’s injuries.

Settlement/Verdict Amount
The case settled prior to trial for $1,680,000.

Handling Attorneys
This case was handled by Firm Partners Stephen J. Murphy and David L. Scher.

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