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$1,625,000 Settlement for Broken Ribs and Back Injuries After Work Accident

In a New York case, a 49-year-old worker was employed as a glass subcontractor for a construction project at a Queens mall. He was using an A-frame ladder when the ladder slid out from under him, causing him to fall and suffer serious injuries, including bulging and herniated discs and 5 fractured ribs. Represented by the Law Firm of Block O’Toole & Murphy, he received a $1,625,000 settlement.

Court and County
Suffolk County Supreme Court

Plaintiff Description
Our client was 49 years old and working as a glazer and mechanic when the accident occurred.

Description of Case
This construction accident occurred at a mall in Queens, where a new interior glass elevator was being installed as part of a larger renovation project. Our client was employed by the glass subcontractor.

When the accident occurred, our client was using an A-frame ladder supplied by the general contractor to remove tape and do finishing work. He was unable to open the ladder properly due to an interior handrail and the confined working space, however, and had to lean it in a closed position against the elevator shaft. Our client began to ascend the ladder, and was on the second rung, when the ladder slid out from under him. He fell, struck his left side on the handrail, and then fell onto his back to the ground below.

Our client alleged violations of New York State Labor Laws 240(1) and 241(6) on the grounds that the ladder was not properly secured and that it was not the correct device for the task he had been assigned. The Defendants, which included the owner of the mall, the general contractor, and the elevator subcontractor, argued that the ladder had been set up improperly and was not defective, and thus our client was the sole proximate cause of the accident.

Our client and the Defendants submitted motions for summary judgment regarding liability, and both motions were still pending at the time this case settled.

Our client felt immediate pain on his left side, neck and lower back. Emergency services soon arrived and brought him to the emergency room at Nassau University Hospital at Manhasset. After three days, he was discharged with a diagnosis of 5 fractured ribs.

Shortly after he was discharged, our client began to experience significant pain in his neck and lower back, for which he began extensive conservative treatment. He was referred to a spinal specialist and diagnosed with the following injuries:

  • L4/5 disc bulge
  • L5/S1 posterior disc herniation impressing the ventral thecal sac
  • C6/7 posterior disc bulge

To treat the extensive back injuries he suffered, our client ultimately required spinal fusion surgery at both L4-5 and C6-7. He made a claim for future medical expenses.

The Defendants argued that our client’s spinal injuries were not a result of his fall, that the injuries he had did not require surgical intervention, and that he could return to work and engage in all his previous activities without any restrictions.

Settlement Amount

Handling Attorneys
This matter was handled by Michael J. Hurwitz and Stephen J. Murphy.

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