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Insider Exclusive: “The Good Samaritan” The Jimmy Dunne Story

The record-setting 32.7 Million Dollar verdict that Block O’Toole & Murphy achieved in a Suffolk County trial is profiled in this edition of Insider Exclusive, revealing the tragedy behind the Jimmy Dunne case and the pivotal role trial attorneys Stephen Murphy and Daniel O’Toole played in getting the Dunne family justice. The victory is reported to be the largest non-medical malpractice personal injury verdict in Long Island history.

Insider Exclusive: New York Construction Accident Lawyers

Block O’Toole & Murphy handle serious construction accident cases in New York. The firm represents union and non-union workers, electricians and carpenters, as well documented and undocumented employees. They have achieved an outstanding record for their clients and advocate for injured workers across the state as members of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association Labor Law Committee.

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