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Breezy Point clean up from Storm Sandy

Last year, Superstorm Sandy devastated the tri-state region. One of the hardest hit areas was the Rockaway peninsula in Queens, parts of which were demolished by a storm surge and then a raging fire. In Breezy Point, an enclave in this section of Queens, a staggering 355 families lost their homes because of this formidable storm.

When the daunting task of clean up and recovery commenced, a team from Block O’Toole & Murphy, including Milagros Ortiz, Stephen Murphy, Daniel O’Toole, Scott Occhiogrosso and Frederick Aranki did their part to help the cause. The team rolled up their sleeves and rushed to Breezy Point to help those in need, doing their part to begin the rebuilding process. We are proud that our firm’s philosophy of helping those in need extends beyond the law.


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