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Injured Construction Worker Receives $7,000,000


Read about the recent $7,000,000 settlement obtained after a construction worker’s accident injured a 25-year old union carpenter who was dismantling scaffolding. Visit our construction accident website to learn more.

The accident occurred when the carpenter was dismantling a scaffold. He was violently hit in the face with a five-pound metal clamp that fell off a pipe. He lost two teeth and fractured bones in his face.

His injuries required multiple dental procedures to replace the teeth. Furthermore, he began to experience neck pain that ultimately required the implantation of a surgical spine stimulator. Although the device did alleviate his pain, it also resulted in the development of a remor in his left hand.

As a result of the tremor, he became unable to work and participate in life as he had previously. Block O’Toole & Murphy lawyers argued that the accident and its aftermath had a profound emotional and psychological impact on our client and will continue to do so.

Our attorneys argued that the defendant contractors had failed to secure the clamp, causing the carpenter”s injuries. Although the other side insisted that the carpenter was partly at fault, but were eventually forced to acknowledge that they were solely liable.

To learn more about this case or to discuss your rights and options after a construction accident, call Block O’Toole & Murphy at 212-736-5300.