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Trip and Fall Settlement Recovered for Apartment Resident

The New York personal injury lawyers at Block O'Toole and Murphy are proud to announce that they have recovered a settlement of $1.5 million in a trip and fall lawsuit in the Bronx. The premises liability matter concerned a resident of an apartment building who tripped on a raised strip of metal and fell down his apartment's last flight of stairs, resulting in injury to his back and neck.

Physical therapy, epidural injections, and spinal surgeries were necessary in the treatment of the plaintiff's injuries. Two fusion surgeries, expensive and intense procedures, were also required to treat the injuries the victim sustained. The defense in the trip and fall case argued that theses spinal issues were preexisting conditions, that the metal strip was not sufficiently raised to constitute a legal defect in the building, and that the defendant had no prior knowledge of the issue. Additionally, the defense suggested that the plaintiff himself should have seen the metal strip himself and avoided tripping over it, due to how long he had lived in the building and used the staircase.

The premises liability attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy have the experience and dedication to see cases through to the end. The settlement recovered for this client compensated him for his past and future medical costs, as well as his pain and suffering. If any New Yorker is injured by another's negligence, we may be able to seek compensation on their behalf. Contact us today for a free case review