$6,000,000 Settlement In Medical Malpractice Action for Infant Who Sustained Serious Injuries During Labor and Delivery At New York Hospital

The pregnant mother presented to Defendant North Central Bronx Hospital for labor and delivery of now 6 year old infant plaintiff. The mother was full term, with no prenatal complications and had a spontaneous rupture of membranes while at home. The mother was admitted to labor and delivery. During the next 50 hours the mother's labor failed to progress. Due to prolonged rupture of membranes, she contracted chorioamnionitis, an infection. Despite the failure of her labor to progress, the presence of infection and repeated signs of fetal distress, Defendant hospital failed to perform a timely caesarean section.

As a result of the failure to perform a timely caesarean section, infant Plaintiff suffered a stroke and was subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

A settlement was reached on behalf of the Plaintiff for $6,000,000.00.

This matter was handled by Partners S. Joseph Donahue and Jeffrey A. Block.