31 Year-Old Cook Recovers Over Two Million Dollars For Trauma-Related Seizure Disorder

On April 5, 2006 at approximately 1:25 p.m., the Plaintiff was stopped at a stop sign on Beach 119th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard, in Rockaway Park. A collision occurred at the intersection involving vehicles being operated by Defendants Krzeminski and Marian, causing the Marian vehicle to spin out and strike plaintiff's vehicle while he was still stopped at the stop sign. The Plaintiff was transported to Peninsula Hospital where was diagnosed with a fractured wrist and suffered a seizure. He continued treating with his neurologist Dr. Laura Schoenberg who opined that he was suffering from a causally related seizure disorder that was permanent. She revoked his driver's license and felt that he was unable to work as a cook or in any other capacity due to the seizures. Plaintiff recovered a total of $2,025,000 in a settlement that was reached just prior to jury selection. The case was handled by Daniel P. O'Toole.