$2,640,000 For 51-Year-Old Construction Worker

$2,640,000 Settlement for a 51-year-old non-union laborer who suffered a partial finger amputation and cervical spine injury in a construction accident.

Settlement: $2,640,000.00

Attorneys from Block O'Toole & Murphy: Stephen J. Murphy & Michael J. Hurwitz

Supreme Kings/Brooklyn

Plaintiff was 47 years old on the date of the accident and 51 years old at the time of the resolution. He was employed by Galicia Contracting and Restoration Company.

The Plaintiff was working on a pipe scaffolding when the scaffolding suddenly shifted side to side causing an unsecured drill that was being stored on the scaffolding floor at the level directly above him to fall through a hole in said scaffold floor. In an effort to shield himself from the falling drill plaintiff raised his hands at which point the drill became entangled on his right hand and at some point became energized lacerating his right-hand middle finger. As a result of the falling drill striking plaintiff he was then caused to fall backwards forcefully striking the right upper portion of his shoulder/neck into the scaffolding frame.

Plaintiff sustained a degloving injury and fracture to his right-hand (dominant) middle finger requiring a partial amputation with a resulting pain syndrome. Plaintiff further sustained a partial thickness rotator cuff tear to the right shoulder requiring arthroscopic repair and cervical herniations at C4-C5 and C5-C6 requiring a fusion surgery at those segments. The Trial Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy convinced the insurance carriers to pay $2,640,000 despite Plaintiff failing to register complaints about his neck for nine months after the accident and his shoulder for 7 months after the accident.

The parties negotiated a $2,640,000 pretrial settlement.