$2,150,000 Settlement for Woman Injured in Nassau County Auto Collision

Plaintiff, a 35 year old African American female, was driving straight when her vehicle collided with another vehicle making a left-turn from the opposite side of the roadway. As Plaintiff approached the intersection she saw the other vehicle in the opposite left turning lane, with its left turn signal on, but thought the other vehicle was going to stop. The Defendant driver claimed that she had a green light, came to a stop at the intersection, looked for oncoming traffic, did not see any vehicles approaching and then proceeded to into the intersection. Incredibly, the defendants argued that Plaintiff was responsible for the accident.

Plaintiff sustained fractures to her right femur and calcaneus, having surgeries shortly after the accident. She also developed meniscal tears in her right knee and contractures in her calf muscle and Achilles tendon.

Plaintiff continues to work full-time as a credit analyst.


This case was handled by Partner Stephen J. Murphy, Esq. and Associate Christina (Mark) Mercado.