$1,000,075 Settlement for a Woman Who Suffered an Injury to Her Gallbladder During Laparoscopic Surgery

Plaintiff, a 43-year-old woman, appeared at her physician's office complaining of abdominal pain and reflux. After an examination and testing, the Defendant assured plaintiff that he could resolve her condition by performing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The Defendant explained the surgery as a minimally invasive procedure with access gained through plaintiff's belly button. The Defendant assured plaintiff that this would be an outpatient procedure and that she would go home the same afternoon with no complications. During the surgery, the Defendant inadvertently cut the plaintiff's common bile duct, as opposed to her cystic duct. As a result, plaintiff was leaking bile directly into her abdominal cavity which caused severe peritonitis. Plaintiff was required to undergo an open surgical repair following this error. This case settled for the full extent of the defendant doctors, $1 million liability policy, along with a $75,000 contribution from the hospital.

The case was handled by Partner Jeffrey A. Block.