Data on New Jersey Workplace Deaths in 2013

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 101 fatal on-the-job accidents in New Jersey in 2013.  The BLS breaks these numbers down as follows:

  • About 28 percent of these deaths were the result of workplace violence
  • Thirty-seven percent of NJ workplace fatalities involved motor vehicle accidents
  • Around 12 percent of workplace fatalities involved slips, trips and falls
  • Toxic exposure accounted for about nine percent of workplace fatalities
  • Contact with moving or falling objects represented around 11 percent of NJ workplace deaths

Demographic data

The BLS statistics for New Jersey show that far more men than women die on the job – 96 men and 5 women in 2013.  Older men – those between 45 and 54, are slightly more likely to suffer a workplace fatality than other age groups.

Fatal occupations and industries

The most dangerous economic segments in the state are construction; manufacturing; and trade, transportation and warehousing. The most dangerous occupations are in materials moving, sales and office occupations, and construction and extraction occupations.

Workplace Deaths Greater in 2013 than in Previous Years

The numbers for 2013 represent an increase in the number of deaths among workers in New Jersey.   In 2011, 99 workers died on the job; in 2012, 92 died.  The 2013 numbers represent an increase of almost 10 percent over the previous year.

Other Sources of Statistics About New Jersey Worker Deaths

In addition to the statistics provided by the BLS, the New Jersey Department of Health publishes information about workplace fatalities. The department provides the full reports of investigations of workplace deaths in the state. Because New Jersey law has different reporting requirements from federal law, researchers can obtain a different picture of on-the-job deaths by comparing the two sources.


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