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Death more likely in workplace accident than by terrorist attack

New York residents and workers are, unfortunately, familiar with the dangers of terrorism. However, workplace safety advocates are trying to shine a light on a far more common type of hazard: dangerous work conditions. According to a recent study, 4,609 Americans died in workplace accidents in 2011, compared to 17 American fatalities caused by terrorism in the same year. These accidents are most prevalent in the mining and construction industries and in jobs that require driving. In New York, this underscores the need for greater construction site accident prevention and safety training.

The recent terrorist attacks in Boston have, justifiably, dominated headlines. However, an explosion at a Texas factory that killed 14 and injured another 200 received far less attention. Workplace safety experts say these kinds of accidents should get more attention than they do because they happen far too often.

The explosion in Texas is frightening because it seems the plant may have slipped under the regulatory radar: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration last visited the plant in 1985. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the company claimed in its 2011 emergency response plan that there was “no” risk of explosion or fire at the plant.

Victims of workplace accidents may suffer serious injury or disability or even death. Injured workers may face costly medical or rehabilitative expenses or a loss of income from time off work. In serious accidents, the injured worker may need lifelong care and suffer a decrease in quality of life.

Victims of workplace accidents may benefit from speaking with an attorney. An experienced workplace injury attorney can evaluate a case and determine its probability of success. The attorney can also present supporting evidence and negotiate any possible settlement. After a fatal accident, the lawyer may work with the victim’s family to seek financial compensation to replace his or her lost income and cover the family’s pain and suffering.

Source: Huffington Post, “Workplace Accidents Are Hundreds of Times More Likely To Kill Americans Than Terrorist Attacks,” April 24, 2013

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