$3,500,000 for Worker Who Suffered a TBI in a Ladder Fall

The Plaintiff, a plumber's helper, was doing construction-related work in the hallway lobby of a building where a pipe was leaking. Fixing the leak required him to create a hole to properly drain the pipe. Plaintiff was using a 12 foot "A" frame ladder, which belonged to another company but was set up by his supervisor.

The Plaintiff was standing on the 7th or 8th rung of the ladder and was holding a drill in his hands. He was forced to use both hands to do the drilling. The ladder started to become unsteady and wobbled while he was drilling into a cement wall. The Plaintiff's body crashed to the unforgiving ground, losing consciousness.

The Plaintiff sustained a traumatic brain injury with loss of hearing in his left ear, loss of smell due to an 8th cranial nerve injury, and balance problems. The Plaintiff also sustained multiple skull fractures. No surgery was required. The Defendant contended that the Plaintiff recovered completely from his brain injury, questioned his loss of smell but acknowledged his left sided hearing loss.

The case was handled by Block O'Toole & Murhy attorneys Daniel P. O'Toole and Scott Occhiogrosso.