$20,181,484 Verdict For Man Injured in Collision Caused by Icy Road Condition

Age and Occupation of Plaintiff

Claimant was 32 years old at the time of the accident and 37 at the time of the damages verdict. At the time of the accident, Claimant was employed as an IT executive for a credit processing company.

Description of the Case

Claimant was driving home on Route 6 in the Town of Somers, New York, when Claimant's vehicle and another vehicle encountered an icing condition on the roadway, resulting in a head on collision that demolished both vehicles. An ensuing lawsuit against the State of New York revealed that state officials were well aware of this icing condition and similar prior accidents on Route 6 but that this hazard was allowed to persist with no attempt by the state to rectify this life threatening condition. In fact, state officials failed to use any signs or otherwise warn drivers of the stretch of black ice that frequently formed on this roadway. The state was found solely responsible for the happening of this accident, with no fault attributed to the Claimant.


Plaintiff sustained the following injuries; crush injury to the left dominant elbow and arm resulting in permanent loss of function chronic pain and disfigurement; Plaintiff underwent 28 surgeries to restore function in his left arm and eradicate recurring and life threatening infections. Plaintiff also developed secondary injuries to his stomach and rectum as a result of long term use of pain medications and antibiotics.

Verdict Amount


This case was handled by Partner Daniel P. O'Toole, Esq. and Associate Robyn Brazzil, Esq.