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The Most Dangerous Residential Streets in Your NYC Neighborhood

Most New Yorkers already know to be aware and careful when they're near the city's busiest roads, particularly ones that get frequently used by cyclists and pedestrians. In contrast to these busy, multi-lane intersections, it is easy to assume that quiet, residential roadways in your local neighborhood experience lower rates of traffic accidents.

Fatal Queens Pedestrian Accident Provides Platform for Legislators

pedestrianbusinesscrosswalk.jpgAre pedestrians to blame when they are injured or killed while walking on the streets of New York City? According to some state legislators, they are. Last week, a 17-year-old was struck and killed in the crosswalk at the Queens intersection of Northern and Junction boulevards. The driver sped away after striking the young man. State legislators representing the area held a news conference to talk about the dangers of distracted walking, according to a story in Gothamist.