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May 2017 Archives

Injured at a construction site? Here's who could be liable

New York hardhats face a lot of dangers while they're working at a construction site. In most cases, an injured construction employee can pursue workers' compensation following a serious accident. Workers' compensation laws protect construction companies from lawsuits relating to an employee's injuries. However, construction sites are complicated places and it's possible that one or more non-employers are liable for your construction accident injuries.

Falling from heights commonly cause of construction accidents

Falls from heights are a major type of construction accident in New York City and nationwide. The types of construction accidents involving falls from heights are wide and varied. One example occurred recently in another state when four construction workers were injured at a site where they were building an addition to an existing building.

Textalyzer check of phones may be adopted for car accidents

In New York City and the state of New York, it is illegal to use a mobile telephone while driving. This includes for talking or for texting. Not only are there fines for violating the law, but points can also be added to one's driver's license record. The license can ultimately be suspended if the threshold of points is reached. The law is designed to prevent an increase in car accidents caused by distracted driving due to the use of digital devices.

The "Textalyzer": It's Come Down To This

It is no secret that distracted driving is responsible for a disproportionate amount of accidents, injuries, and deaths in New York and around the nation. Governments have poured money into advertising campaigns and passed laws barring the use of cellular phone behind the wheel.

Prevention of construction accidents demands a culture of safety

The construction industry in New York City and nationwide is a high-risk venture for the workers who sign up to do that kind of work. There are many hazards that excessively expose construction workers to disabling injuries and deaths. It is thus important that those companies that want to be successful in the industry will pay strong attention to protecting the safety of its workers from construction accidents.

Early investigation benefits injured victims of car accidents

Visitors to New York City often marvel at how the taxi cabs and many privately operated vehicles "race" busily through the streets of Manhattan. They weave and wind their way in an apparent marathon, marked by a complete fearlessness of the car accidents that their driving appears to invite. It was that kind of business-as-usual that seems to mark a recent car accident at Fifth Avenue near 49th Street when one taxi driver struck a second cab and sideswiped it.