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Flatbed Lumber Truck Collides With MTA Bus In Jamaica Queens

Our thoughts and prayers are with the more than dozen people who were injured in Monday morning’s crash at the intersection of South Road and Waltham Street in Jamaica Queens. Reportedly, just before noon at that intersection, two oversized vehicles collided – a flatbed lumber truck and an MTA bus.

The driver of the ‘Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware Home’ truck was quoted, after the accident, as defending himself by accusing the bus driver of speeding. It should be noted that the truck driver himself apparently faced a stop sign at the intersection.

Of course, the most important consideration here is the health of the 14 bus passengers, and the truck driver himself, who were all reportedly taken to local hospitals from the scene by emergency services. We wish everyone involved a speedy and full recovery.

This accident certainly appears to be one in which the two drivers will blame each other for its happening. Unless the accident was captured on video, determining who is at fault, which could rest with one or both of these drivers, will not easily be ascertained. A timely investigation will be very important, in order to collect and effectively analyze physical evidence and potential witness accounts before they change or disappear. That is one of the reasons why it is absolutely critical to hire a qualified personal injury law firm promptly following any accident in which you may have been hurt.

Our firm has worked on countless cases where we have had to evaluate and ultimately prove liability against the operators of large trucks and buses. Our experience helps us know what experts to hire, what questions to ask and where to look to uncover information that will be helpful to our cause, which is to help our clients by holding those persons or companies that are responsible for their injuries fully accountable.

The experienced trial lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy have recovered nearly $1 Billion for our clients through years of substantial verdicts and settlements. The firm’s clients include victims of bus and truck accidents, construction site and on the job injuries, and other acts of negligence.

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