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Woman Seriously Injured in Brooklyn Truck Crash

It seems to be open season on pedestrians in New York City, of late. Today, another victim on our streets was hit by a truck – – this time in Brooklyn. The woman was seriously injured when a tractor-trailer struck and dragged her through an intersection in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released, but reports indicate that she was pushing a laundry basket through the intersection of Lafayette and Patchen Avenues in the middle of the morning. She was in the middle of the street when the truck struck her. Witnesses indicate that as the truck approached the victim put her hands up in an effort to get the attention of the driver. The truck driver failed to observe her and take any evasive action. Instead, the truck barreled into the victim and dragged her all the way and to the middle of the intersection. Witnesses described her as helpless, lying face down and bleeding through the ears.

The truck, with the name “Braun’s Express” on the cab and the trailer, continued to drive after violently crashing into the victim. The driver only stopped after onlookers chased him down. Residents in the area were understandably very upset.

The victim was tended to at the scene by concerned citizens and later emergency personnel. She was rushed to Woodhull Medical Center where she is being treated for very serious injuries. The nature of her injuries has not yet been released. We hope the victim makes a meaningful recovery. The victim, her family and others who love to her will be in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult period. They will need the strength.

Truck accidents are rarely inconsequential. They usually harbor grave results. If you or anyone you know has been involved in a truck accident you can appreciate what this victim and her family are enduring. Injuries from a truck accident can often be catastrophic. The aftermath of the serious truck accident can also cripple the spirit and well-being of the family. People confront the uncertainties involved with – – Will I recover? Who will pay for my mounting medical bills? Is it possible that I can someday return to work? What about my future?

These are very serious questions and not issues that are capable of being resolved immediately. The uncertainty is very unsettling for even the strongest of people. That is why having a reputable and capable attorney representing your interests after a truck accident is critical. The right attorney, with a proven track record of success, will be someone the insurance company respects and fears. They will appreciate the proper steps in investigating your accident, including interviewing relevant witnesses, carefully inspecting the scene, retaining accident reconstruction experts and photographing and diagramming important areas where your accident occurred. They will also be able to intelligently summarize your medical condition, treatment and what the future portends, using your medical records, the opinions of your treating physicians and experienced, qualified medical experts to illustrate their points. You only get one opportunity to obtain justice so it is essential to make sure you have the right lawyer by your side.

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