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Another Manhattan Pedestrian Struck by a Bus

It feels like open season on New York City pedestrians. If this sounds like a recently aired television program that is being shown again, that is because the story you are about to read about continues to happen over and over again on our streets.

Reports are surfacing that yet another innocent pedestrian was struck by a bus in midtown Manhattan this week. The defenseless female pedestrian was walking in the crosswalk at 3rd Avenue and E. 57th St. early yesterday evening when she was struck by an MTA Express Bus. The bus, the X22, hit the woman while it was making a left-hand turn onto 57th Street from 3rd Avenue. Witnesses indicate that the pedestrian was powerless to do anything to avoid the collision.

The victim received emergency treatment at the scene at the scene and then rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is reported to be in serious but stable condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and to those who are close to her. We hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Early indications suggest that this is another example of a pedestrian being mowed down by a New York City bus despite the pedestrian having the right-of-way. Anyone in the metropolitan area who follows local news is well aware that this is another in a long line of recent pedestrian accidents involving buses. Wary New Yorkers must be wondering why the accidents have continued at such a high rate.

Here are questions that need answers:

  • Have the collisions been the product of distracted driving? Cellphones? Texting?
  • Are the drivers being properly trained and qualified?
  • Are New York City streets too congested?
  • Is the reduction in the speed limit enough or should it drop even further?
  • Should officials consider reducing the number of cars that are permitted to drive in Manhattan during busy hours?
  • Are pedestrians not taking the proper precautions?

These are all fair questions and it is up to the mayor and his “Vision Zero” team to implement an approach that will drastically reduce the number of pedestrians being struck by buses. Safer streets will save lives and reduce the costs associated with treating accident victims and the inevitable lawsuits that will follow. It is a win-win for the people of the City of New York. Right now, pedestrians seem to be losing this battle and it’s not even close. Something has to change and fast.

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