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Falls At Construction Sites: The Senseless Killer

Workers falling from a roof, a scaffold or a ladder are a far too frequent occurrence and are a type of construction accident that can largely be avoided. According to OSHA, following three specific but important principles will eliminate many work related falls and, thus, reduce construction injuries and deaths. They are PLANNING, PROVIDING and TRAINING.

Planning ahead to get the job done safely is a concept that everyone at a worksite should embrace no matter their title. Proper planning should include

  • Making sure you or your workers have a harness and that the harness fits.
  • Inspecting all fall protection equipment before using it
  • Guarding all holes and dangerous openings.

Everyone should be careful to avoid disconnecting from a lifeline while working at a elevated height, working around an unprotected opening and using defective equipment.

Providing the appropriate safety equipment is an absolute must at any construction site. Providing the right equipment should include:

  • All workers should be given appropriate fall protection
  • Guardrails and lifelines should be used whenever possible
  • Ladders with level footing
  • Fully planked scaffolds

Training workers must be a focus for all employers. Proper training will decrease accidents. Proper training should include:

  • Ladders should be secure and maintain three points of contact
  • Workers should always face a ladder
  • Workers should not climb braces on scaffolds
  • Workers should not stand on guardrails
  • Workers should not stand on the top or top step of a ladder
  • Workers should always use fall protection and stay connected

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