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Month: April 2013

Construction Accidents on the Increase in New York

In a previous post, we discussed the Texas construction industry and its practices that are detrimental to workers. In this post, we take a look at New York construction accidents. Are we really any safer than our neighbor to the South? The short answer is that...

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Falls At Construction Sites: The Senseless Killer

Workers falling from a roof, a scaffold or a ladder are a far too frequent occurrence and are a type of construction accident that can largely be avoided. According to OSHA, following three specific but important principles will eliminate many work related falls and,...

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Boating Accidents Can Prove Fatal

Boating accidents can be very dangerous and usually can be avoided if common-sense safety precautions are adhered to. Boating accidents, like the one detailed below on the website cbslocal.com, tend to crop up as the weather improves. It is imperative that captains or...

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Fewer work hours could increase physician errors

Conventional wisdom dictates that fewer hours on the job for a physician means fewer errors because of less stress and more rest. A recent survey of health care providers, however, has reached the startling conclusion that the opposite may be true. Fewer work hours...

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Pedestrian Accidents: Becoming a Deadly Trend

Pedestrians are being repeatedly victimized in serious accidents in New York. The tragic stories of pedestrian accident victims continue to fill the news headlines. On Wednesday, a man was fatally struck and dragged by a tractor-trailer while he was crossing the...

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