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Chronic Pain: 6 Helpful Hints For The Loved Ones of Those That Are Suffering

When chronic pain is a constant companion, it consumes your life, effecting every facet of your day. It also impacts greatly the lives of those you care most about. The ‘National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers’, a terrific site that benefits workers recently published a piece offering suggestions for people to consider when their loved ones battle chronic pain.

Their quick hit list includes the following:

  • We don’t use pain as an excuse. When we say we can’t do something due to pain, it’s for real.
  • Chronic pain means chronic pain. It is every day or damn close to it.
  • We have tried just about all there is to remedy the pain. Suggestions, while well meaning, are usually misplaced. If acupuncture was a cure-all we’d be all over it.
  • Chronic pain is depressing. Pain every day takes a toll on a person physically and mentally.
  • Chronic pain impacts our ability to sleep. Loss of sleep, in turn, effects every part of our life.
  • Be considerate. The last thing we want to hear is “It’s all in your head” or “You’ll never feel better with that attitude.” Sometimes that hurts more than the pain.

Chronic pain is something that many injured workers struggle with. It is important for those that are in contact with a person suffering from chronic pain that they make every effort to be sensitive to this devastating condition.

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